Elite Options


Call to get more details about any of the options listed below.  Buy for yourself, your family, or buy for others who cannot afford these elite options. Feel free to be creative, and come up with your own ideas. We are here to make YOUR wishes come true YOUR way.


Birthday Packages

Anniversary Packages

Engagement Packages

Honeymoon Packages

Spa Baskets

Cookie Baskets

Chocolate Baskets

Wine and Cheese Baskets

Caviar and Cracker Baskets

Champagne and Strawberry Basket or Nightly Delivery

Destination Wedding Planning

Limo and Premium Vehicle Services

Car and Truck Rentals

Power Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals

Shipping Your Wheelchair or Scooter

Corporate Sponsorship Options

Family Reunion Options

Business Convention Options

Fund Single or Multiple Scholarships (Monthly and Yearly Statements Provided)

Sell YOUR Company,Your Book(s) or Product(s) on one or more Empathy Cruise

Speaking Opportunities on Empathy Cruises

Staff Opportunities on Empathy Cruises


Call the Owner of Elite Cruises and Vacations, Co-Founder of Empathy Cruises, and Your Cruise Director, Kathryn Shoaf at

219-608-2002 OR 888-826-6836

Kathryn will answer your questions; book your cruises and elite options; schedule your meals with our staff;  help you choose accessible excursions; and expertly work in your complete travel plans. If it is necessary to leave a message, you will receive a return call within 2 hours.

A portion of our proceeds from every cruise, every option, and every shop item purchased goes towards helping make dreams come true for those who can’t afford our cruises.


Our Goal is to keep evolving to serve you best!



Empathy Cruises AND Elite Cruises and Vacations, LLC are both affiliates of the American College Of Healthcare Trustees


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