Donate To Fund Cruises, Airfare, Shop Items, or Elite Options For Others.

Be sure to designate the person(s), cause(s), medical condition(s), or any other specifics about your generous donation, and how you want your gift allocated. You can choose to provide an annual Scholarship towards cruises, airfare, shop items, or elite options; purchase cruises, airfare, shop items, or elite options in the name of a loved one as a Memorial yearly or one time gift; sponsorship options can include you speaking to our guests on one or more Empathy Cruise(s) with or without table(s) and/or signage for yourself, your corporation(s), your business or medical practice, your product(s), your publication(s); or be creative, and tell us what you have in mind.

Its your generosity, and we will match your gift with those who fit your criteria your way.  Your gift can remain anonymous, or we can list you on our Donors (Coming Soon!). Make your donation using our provided Paypal “Donate” button below which allows for a fully secure transfer of funds using your bank, credit union or other financial institution OR using any credit card accepted by Paypal. The Owner of Empathy Cruises and our CFO, Jason Hall, is happy to speak to you by phone at anytime, and its easy to provide monthly, quarterly, or yearly statements on annual scholarships or sponsorships. Start by emailing your contact information, and requesting a phone call from Jason Hall OR simply press the “Donate” button and email any instructions regarding your donation along with your contact information, and whether you want to be listed on our Donors to with subject = “Donations”.


Do YOU want to be added to our ever growing list to be matched with a donor, sponsor or scholarship for an Empathy Cruise, airfare assistance, shop item, or elite option?

Nominate yourself, your friends, or your business colleagues who can’t afford cruising. We use the email time stamp to ensure fairness to all our nominees. Nominations are being accepted by email. Please include the first and last name of yourself or your nominee; your first and last name (If you want the person to know who nominated them, or just add anonymous nomination to your message), contact information you feel comfortable sharing, and primary diagnosis to help us match donors with those dreaming of luxury.

Send the email to with added subject = “Nominations”.

Do you live on a fixed income with pain and illness? Check out our resources just for you


Thank you to all those who have already made donations. Check your email, and respond at your convenience with whether or not you want to be listed here.

List Coming Soon!

Empathy Cruises AND Elite Cruises and Vacations, LLC are both affiliates of the American College Of Healthcare Trustees


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